Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Personal Golden Lane

As the first post, let me start by telling you the meaning of this blog.

In Prague, Czech Republic, there is a street called "Zlatá Ulička." In the English translation it means "Golden Lane." It is an ancient road within the Prague Castle complex. It dates back to the 15th century, which is shown by the old world architecture. Legend states that during the 16th century, alchemists lived in small houses along the road. They were on a journey to find gold. That is how the road received its name. This reminds me very much of  the famous "yellow brick road" in The Wizard of Oz. The tale of the alchemists' journey to find gold can be taken literally or figuratively.

In a figurative manner, life is a journey and we are all trying to find where we belong or search for our "gold." Looking at my life, I feel considerably blessed. I have had some wonderful opportunities being involved in my heritage and have met so many people. I feel like my "gold" is and has been all around me. I don't need to search for it because I am living it! I think sometimes we search for something that we may never find, but if we could only open our eyes to see what defines us as a person, then we can realize what our "gold" really portrays.

For about 7 years, I have religiously shared my Czech heritage with the community. I have always been interested in my heritage, but my voluntary work as a Czech singer started back in 2007 in Houston. I love keeping the Czech culture alive and well. It is one of Texas's most beautiful treasures. Not only Texas's treasure, but mine as well.

I'm starting this blog to bring you along on my personal "Zlatá Ulička." I plan to share about past experiences and events coming up this year.

S láskou (with love),
Christiana Gentry

Zlatá Ulička. Praha, CZ


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