Friday, May 2, 2014

My Life has Completely Changed

Don't let the title throw you off. My life has completely changed-in a great way. I promised to let you all know the outcome of the pageant. Well, I am so honored to announce that I am Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen 2014!!! 

On Saturday, the Fayette County Chapter of the Czech Heritage Society of Texas hosted the pageant in Flatonia, TX. After so many sleepless nights stressing to make sure I knew Czech History and my family history, I was ready. At 8:30am, we started 3 personal interviews. The pageant started at 9:30 with introductions and on-stage interviews. After,  was kroj modeling with talent as the last event before the business meeting. The talent was my favorite part. It was singing ( of course). But, I won't reveal all of it yet because I am doing the same talent at nationals.

 The hall had a great turnout of 197+ people. I think it was one of the biggest attendances. It was exciting to meet new people and to see familiar faces. I especially liked meeting other young women and girls who love their heritage. It makes me happy that there are other girls who want to make the community aware of Czech heritage. 1st Runner Up, Ashley Becan did a wonderful job singing "U Studanky" and had great on stage presence. She also had a nice display of her family lineage and kroj pieces. I see the pageant as more of a celebration of young women who are proud of where their families came from and want to get others involved. We are all Queens! I hope the pageant promotes a "drive" for young women to keep sharing their heritage.

At the end of the day, I received 3 out of the 4 awards- personal interview, kroj modeling and talent. I couldn't believe it. My life had completely changed with the big announcement.  I can't wait to see where this journey will take me. I look forward to traveling around Texas (more than I already do
) and going to Wilber, Nebraska for nationals. Wilber is the home of the National Czech Festival.  It is August 1-3. Here are some pictures from the pageant...

 My "Little Sister" Saylor, and I.
 The current Czech-Slovak U.S. Queen- Anna Hand, Saylor and I

Texas CZ/SK Pageant Director-Kathy Podsednik, Myself, Saylor, 2013 Little Sister-Faith Wenck, Miss Texas-Czech Slovak Queen 2013-Jennifer Koll, 1st Runner Up- Ashley Becan, Little Sister-Alaina Halata, and MC Joe Janecka

On Sunday, my first appearance was at the Harris County Chapter Spring Fest. It was a day of celebration. Not only was it my first time appearing as Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen, but it was my 7th anniversary singing with Kovanda's Czech Band.

 Kovanda's Czech Band

 Saylor and I with longtime friends-the Rybak Family

As of now, I am taking a week off to relax because I have graduation coming up. In May, I will be working hard on the Česky Hlas before I leave to the Czech Republic. Yes...that's right! I'm taking a 2 week vacation since I am graduating. I can't wait to see family and friends. It will also be a good way to "brush up" on my Czech. I have always told myself that when I graduate, I want to learn Czech fluently. I know this will take way more than a short trip to CZ because the Czech language is so complex.  I know that if I set my mind to something, I can do it!

I, of course, will take you all on this new journey in my life. When I chose the title of my blog, I never expected it to be this "golden" but, all things happen for a reason. I feel extremely blessed. Thanks for reading!

S láskou,