Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Říjen- Czech Heritage Month

October is known as "Czech Heritage Month" in Texas. I've always remembered it to be a packed month while singing with Kovanda's Czech Band, but due to my Czech Slovak titles, it became even busier! I drove over 1,500 miles to be present at festivals and other events. I would like to thank everyone who extended their invitations to me over the past four weeks.

Towns/cities that I traveled to (all in the state of Texas) included: Dimebox, Sealy, Hostyn, Houston, Taiton, Fayetteville, Temple, West and San Antonio. I would love to talk about each place I went to, however, it would take me quite some time! Instead, here is a compilation of pictures (and video)!

My sweet Little Sister and I posing for a cute picture before we went out and enjoyed the festivities in Dime Box

Introductions and singing at the Dime Box bridge festival

Such a cute picture of Saylor looking at Wallachian dolls while she is wearing her Wallachian kroj

Queen of the Holy Rosary Church grounds in Hostyn. I was blessed to sing with the church choir for their Czech mass.

Everything outside at the catholic church in Hostyn is written in Czech. This altar has the infant of Prague.

Ben Bohuslav has become my adopted grandpa over the years. Love him!

Hostyn looks so much like the Czech Republic with the cemetery on a hillside

"Ferda" my Vozembouch came with me to the church picnic. I sang a few songs playing this Czech folk instrument

At the Harris Co. Soup Tasting in Houston. This is the only picture I had with our family friend's daughter dressed in kroj!  I also sang songs for the guests at this event.

Being introduced on stage at the Dozinky festival in Taiton, TX

I was introduced before Druha Trava went on stage at the Lickskillet festival
I had a little fan :-)

With the court of the festival

Singing for guests
With the festival queen and Sheriff of Fayetteville

Meeting Druha Trava
I represented my Texas title at the Czech Educational Foundation of Texas Anniversary Celebration. I'm so glad Saylor can travel with me to different areas in Texas!
My Mom and I with Brian and Joan Vanicek
Teaching Mildred Dokupil (and the guests) how to play a Vozembouch
Maggie Grmela and her grandchildren with Mildred and I
Singing the US and Czech National Anthems

With members of the Bexar Co. Czech Heritage Society at their Czech Festival

I wish I had more pictures to show you but, I hope you enjoyed the ones I acquired. Now that October has come to a close, I am looking forward to my November adventures! Where am I going next you may ask? San Francisco, California.

To be continued...

S láskou,
Christiana Gentry